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When it comes to research, our name says it all – JuryThink conducts research exercises designed to understand what jurors think about your case, and why they feel this way. Using this information we provide you with a detailed report focused on strategies of what to do about what we learned from the research exercise.

JuryThink believes every case is unique – there is no “one size fits all” research design. Our litigation experience coupled with our expertise in research design enables us to tailor research studies with your case in mind. Research is designed to capture both qualitative and quantitative data, including both individual juror analysis and group deliberations.

Mock Trials and Focus Groups

All mock trial and focus group research are conducted with jurors in the venue the case will be heard (matched venue research is available upon request). Mock jurors are randomly recruited and no participants are repeat mock jurors.

Mock trial and focus group research often includes the following types of studies:

  • Case assessment
  • Damage Evaluation
  • Witness Evaluation
  • Preliminary Juror Profile
  • Opening Statement Evaluation


JuryThink provides consulting services designed to work in conjunction with jury research or as stand-alone services.

  • In-court jury selection assistance
  • Opening/Closing statement consultation
  • Theme development
  • Trial Monitoring
  • Voir Dire question recommendations
  • Supplemental juror questionnaire creation and ranking

Witness Communication Training

The key to impactful testimony is a confident witness who conveys facts and case themes. Many witnesses have great information to share, but have difficulty conveying that information. The reasons for difficulty range from not fully understanding courtroom procedure, fear of public speaking, fear of saying the wrong thing, language barriers, or a variety of subsurface behavioral issues.

As experts in communication, we identify these hurdles and work with you to help witnesses overcome them. We have worked with hundreds of witnesses, helping them to relay case facts and themes in a more confident, persuasive manner.

Medical Witnesses

Ms. Morris has extensive experience preparing doctors and other medical professionals for testifying at deposition and trial. She understands the unique challenges presented in preparing medical professionals; preparation sessions are designed to address sub-surface issues and heightened anger and anxiety many medical witnesses possess, and teaches them how to convey medical testimony jurors can digest and retain.

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