In Dr. R’s case, it took the jury just a few minutes to resolve the trial in his favor. He made a wonderful witness at trial and I believe we have to thank you for a great deal of that. Whatever you said to him, you should keep on saying to other defendants who are faced with trials. I think you also calmed him down to a point where he was most effective.

David R. Sinn, Partner
Heyl Royster Voelker & Allen PC


We don’t do many jury trials as construction lawyers but when we do La Verne is our go-to jury consultant. Understanding who to pick and who may be the leaders of the jury is critical to your role as counsel. When Laverne is at our side we have confidence is making the right decisions.

Ty Laurie, Partner, Laurie & Brennan LLP


I represented a plaintiff on a multi-million dollar complex breach of contract and fraud case. Our client was easily susceptible to intimidation upon cross-examination, and had difficulty understanding the complex legal theories behind his case — to the point where he could have easily lost the case at his deposition. La Verne worked diligently with my firm and the client to prepare him for his deposition. Over the course of several sessions with the client, she completely changed his psyche, and helped him to understand the legal consequences of his testimony. The client performed wonderfully at his deposition, and we ended up procuring a substantial settlement as a result. I would highly recommend La Verne for witness preparation and developing a trial strategy on complex cases.

Ryan L. Greeley, Member, Kopon Airdo, LLC


Thank you for all work on our case. Your analysis of our case, as well as overall strategy and themes did the trick. We received a verdict in our favor. I will not be going to trial without you!


La Verne, thank you for your work. Prior to trial, we were very concerned about our client’s ability to communicate effectively because of his very thick accent and tendency to speak very quickly. We knew he had great things to say, but were not sure jurors would hear them.

At trial, he spoke very clearly and his speech was slowed down. All in all, he was a great witness. Thank you and you will hear from us very soon!


Our witness was so timid and frightened of the legal process before we started having preparation sessions with you. She did so well. When she got off the stand she said “as I was giving my answers, I remembered what La Verne told me. It was if she was on my shoulders reminding me to be confident.


I still cannot believe how well Dr. H. testified.  As a result of your work with him we were able to expand our examination of him at trial. I have no doubt we prevailed because of his testimony.